The law of the least effort

Do you know of the “law of least effort”? As a kid, I often heard these words from my mother’s mouth when she was begrudging us, my sister, my brother and myself, for being pleased with doing as little as possible, while she was expecting the better of us.

Yet it is only recently, while reading “The Divine Matrix’ by Gregg Braden, that I became aware of the true meaning of that commonly used saying.

Furthermore, earlier on I had not fully understood that it actually was a universal law. Yet, the wording is clear, the obvious Law of the least effort: what asks of us the least effort is what will bring us the biggest result.

In my mind I always believed the contrary to be true, meaning that our results could only be in proportion to the efforts we made in order to obtain them. From my mother’s mouth I only heard the reproach and the veiled menace of a failure: “my daughter, if you don’t put all of your energy to accomplish this task asked of you, you will suffer the consequences” or else “ if you don’t take fully to heart this responsibility given to you, you don’t deserve the success that could stem from it”

The fact is that, for years on end, I accused myself of not being “good enough”, nor “up to it”. Worse even, while success manifested in my life I felt guilty about the “luck” that presented itself to me and felt like an “impostor” who would have stolen the place of a more “deserving” or a more “devoted” one than myself. What a joke!

We have a tendency to tell ourselves this kind of stories: that we are not worth it, that we need to “sacrifice ourselves” to obtain the desired results. Yet, in everyday life, it is in what is the most “easy”, the most “simple”, the most “natural” for me that I fulfil myself most! Isn’t it so for you?

For many years it was (and still is) so easy for me to read “through people’s soul”, that I thought it was a “sin” and that I should turn away from my gift! Similarly while I was working with healing, the results were so powerful, so spectacular, that I couldn’t give myself even a tiny credit for it and refused to be remunerated for the time spent helping people… Does this sound familiar to you? Do some of these words resonate with you?

As a result of doubting myself I had become “allergic” to the word merit, which every time it was pronounced sounded more like “m’irrite” (“irritates me” in French) to me. Any form of tangible result, success itself, was becoming a form of “irritation” in my life. I continuously reassessed myself thinking; I should do better, I should do more, give myself totally! It is not surprising then, that at this period, I finally ended up hitting rock bottom: I made do with constantly remaining in “doing” rather than in “being”.

However, when we think about it, this gift of perception was much more about the “inside” (feeling, intuition, psychic abilities of my “being”) rather than my “work” as a therapist or of the “outside” efforts I had to invest… But I sincerely believed that “to be of service” meant “to not derive any personal profit, any ego pride”, I thus had to limit the range of my actions… and doing so I was “limiting” my luminous radiance to its minimum.

Rapidly, I started to become more scared of my inner light than of my “darkness”, so I tried to remain as much as possible “in the shade” to not “disturb” or “blind” the people who crossed my path. As a consequence, through a direct application of the Law of the least effort, my doubts and my limiting impressions got “imprinted” into the fibre itself of this reality surrounding me, attracting more and more limited and painful daily situations to me.

In fact, it is as if a “weigh-scale” measured all of our thoughts and emotions: the tray of our beliefs and doubts on one side, and the tray of our faith and trust in ourselves on the other side… The events of our life are thus only the direct result of the emotions that have the most weight inside of ourselves (and not of the efforts we display!).

Clearly, in your life, even if you might have believed the contrary to this day, all your successes are not at all the fruit of your hard labour, but well the result of your faith and your opening to the divine Energy in all the parcels of your Being. This is also what explains the supposed “failures” in your life: if you didn’t believe, if you “told yourself the story” that you “didn’t deserve it”, you have reaped exactly what you have sown!

It is while reading the words of Nelson Mandela’s speech that I understood that I was on the wrong path: “we are born to radiate the Glory of God in us.. by radiating our Light, we unconsciously give others the right to do the same!”

In fact, we know it, we ALL are children of God. Our divine spark, the Spirit of God, constantly operates within and through us. Whether we want it or not, we are ONE with this powerful Energy of Light.. and it expresses itself much more in the letting go than in work and effort displayed.

All the results, all the successes in your life are proportional to your ability to recognize, integrate and radiate the divine Energy already present within yourself! How many times have you “witnessed” little miracles in your life? Has it ever happened that you have felt “inspired” to say the right words, to give the ideal advice or to be present just at the right time in somebody’s life? Of course! It happens to everyone to feel “filled” by a sudden inspiration, a remarkable intuition, a sound wisdom!

What if the Law of the least effort was only about remembering those wonderful moments and let them permeate our whole Being?

Some believe that to reach Enlightenment or the perfect State of Realization, we need to “make efforts”, to manage to maintain ourselves in the highest vibration possible: the perpetual and unshakable State of Grace. It is the same as believing that we could eat up in one single meal all the necessary food to subside until the end of our days!

Once our body takes a liking to feeding itself, tasting and enjoying new dishes, it ceaselessly aims at renewing this delicious experience. The same goes with your Higher Self: all the opportunities are good to merge with the Light, bathe in Peace and welcome the divine Love in all your cells! There is no turning back! Once you have experienced the Communion with your Self, all of your life becomes tinted by this ultimate Grace renewed at every instant. It is pointless to try to hide from yourself or minimize the Presence of this powerful Energy of Light within you: it transcends all that you do and even WHO you are!

Will you dare to reveal this Light present within you to every person you meet as to allow them to do the same as well? Whatever you might think of it, every individual present around you and on the entire planet Earth also aspires to recognize and integrate this Light in themselves! You are only invited to take the first step!

Such is the true application of the Law of the least effort: if I let my divine Self take over and radiate a thousand lights in all circumstances, miracles will abound in my life. And the results are for the better and touch everyone… including myself!

It is enough to say YES, to every instant, in Acceptance and in Faith… You have done it already! You do it already! At certain moments, in some particular setting, you accept to unveil your true Light to the world! And the results are grand! Can you allow yourself to do the same in your everyday life, in all simplicity?

For my part, I have finally understood that it was in reality what my mother expected of me: not that I “give myself totally”, but rather that I dare reveal the best of myself, at every moment, firstly to my own eyes and then, by solidarity and complicity, to each and every one of my brothers and sisters here on Earth.

If we dare taking that small step all together, the whole entire planet will be illuminated from it and the New World will be built in an instant, without any effort, in the time of a single heartbeat… in unison with God, present in every one of us! May it be like that from now on!

Diane LeBlanc/Bianca Gaia