About us


Let’s create a new Tribe

Are you new to Lakeside or sometimes feel alone, away from your loved ones?
Lakeside Hands & Hearts invites you to be a part of our friendly, inclusive community based on solidarity, mutual respect and love for EVERYONE.


Awakening to a new dawn

We know how challenging it can be to stay healthy and balanced in body, heart, mind and soul. We offer friendly gatherings, ceremonies, meditations and workshops to support your life journey, plus therapeutic private sessions in naturopathy, councelling, spiritual guidance, energetic healing, musical harmonization and more.

It is our wish for everyone to feel surrounded by a friendly, united community and to be a part of a family that really cares. Together we can create Peace on Earth!

Be the change

Take part in a community committed to bringing out the best in every situation and keeping focused on the greater good for all concerned.

Rely on each others

Let’s support one and other, lending a hand when needed and sharing our ressources, so that people will be inspired to do the same.

Grow & flourish together

Take care of our inner garden, our spirituality, so our Soul will bloom and transform our life in Oneness, creating a luminous future for all of us.


Team of Professionals

As a united loving couple, evolving together for 35 years, both interpersonally and professionally, our team offers you the combined services of a naturopathic doctor/holistic life coach and a visionary musician/composer and couples councellor. We are highly skilled to accompany you on your journey in the Lakeside area, and to facilitate your well-being in multiple spheres of your life.

Diane LeBlanc

Mother of four children with “uncommon” backgrounds that prompted her to turn to non-traditional approaches very early on, Diane holds a doctorate in naturotherapy, specialized in biogenesis and psychosynthesis. CoCreator of the Quintessence Coaching method and author of several therapeutic books, she has trained hundreds of professionals in Europe and Canada. Her holistic approach aims to harmonize the physical, emotional, mental and energetic dimensions within oneself, in order to awake our full potential of co-creating heaven on earth in 5D.

Serge Belair

IT specialist, analyst and web designer for 20 years, Serge then turned to project management and individual & couple coaching. CoCreator of the Quintessence Coaching method and master therapeutic trainer, he is also a gifted musician and composer, giving intimate concerts and improvising inspired pieces on his piano for therapeutic relaxation, energetic healing and spiritual growth purposes. His meditation CDs “Quintessence” and “Moods of the souls” have been very successful, both in Quebec and in French-speaking Europe.


It’s time to unveil your infinite potential