Planetary shift takes place inside of you first

Everything which is currently taking place on our planet is nothing but the reflection of what is going on at every instant, inside of you… Isn’t that wonderful?! It is the tangible sign that AT LAST humanity is waking up, adapting and transforming… to the pace of this new Era, this New World long promised to us!!!

Why be worried or saddened by it? Rather than focusing on what is happening “outside” or around you, you are invited to consider the changes operating within you at this very moment! The more you will be at peace and welcome these transformations with serenity, the more the metamorphosis of our beautiful planet will happen in peace and harmony as it continually vibrates in tune with all living things!

Actually, you have a choice; to continue to “fight” against darkness and human foolishness… or to use your divine creating power to transform the world at your image!!! If you persist in wanting to counter wars, call a halt to pollution, overcome sickness or save humanity from the “cruel destiny that awaits it”, you are maintaining your personal energies in the illusion of duality. Thereby, you contribute to lowering the vibrational level of the planet more than you do to raise it. On the contrary, the more you apply yourself to see only the good and the beautiful, in and around you, the more you amplify your luminous radiance daily. In this way, your vivifying energy gets transmitted to all living beings and acts favourably on everything that surrounds you.

Rejoice! Not only do you inspire your fellow human beings and move them to follow your example, but, through “positive contamination”, you gradually illuminate the entire planetary population!!! Indeed, the individuals that appeared to be most “stuck” in the purely materialistic consumer’s society are increasingly awakening to the other dimensions within themselves (particularly when they go through deep identity crises or experience illness). They are opening up to the impalpable, to the “spiritual” aspect within themselves: “the multidimensionality and the universality of their being”.

On the other hand, all those “well intentioned” people, who, for years on end, “generously gave of themselves for others”, often sacrificing their own health or giving the shirt off their back, are finding out that “we can only give what we truly own” and that “charity starts at home”. From now, it is no longer possible for them to live with their “head in the clouds”. It becomes a priority to “properly incarnate” and “being grounded” ever more…

What if we were witnessing, at this very moment, the “polar shift” predicted for several decades? Individual consciousness is rising, while the mystical energy is “densifying”… Perhaps will we end up creating the right balance within ourselves and, consequently, everywhere in nature? If we agree to “unify all the parts of ourselves”, in unconditional acceptance of the other as an “extension” of ourselves, who knows, we might no longer need to experience those forecasted climatic disturbances, other than on a “symbolic” plane?!?

Some will tell you that entire civilizations and generations of ancestors have foreseen a less cheerful future for our humanity… But all is not lost: you can still “reverse the tide”!!

Imagine the following: those who hold an undeniable power of decision and materialization teaming up for a split second with those who aspire to live in a pure and healthy world…

Wouldn’t you believe that a miracle could happen instantly and clean up the Earth in one go? It is not necessary to be “subjected” to the planetary modifications; you can also “generate” them through the power of your own creating thoughts alone…

Everything is still possible, everything is yet to be created; it’s enough to believe it… and first and foremost, to believe in yourself!

Message from Bianca Gaia/Diane LeBlanc