The importance of having a tribe

Loneliness and feelings of not belonging is one of the most devastating feelings we can have. It’s detrimental to being healthy and happy and we know from studies that loneliness has a significant effect on depression and negative feelings. Being alone – not able to reach out – also affects our cognitive abilites, making it harder to handle difficult thoughts and emotions. Having people around us who we feel safe with is important for our well being mentally, emotionally and physically. According to recent statistics, around 70% of all families in first world countries have some kind of dysfunctional patterns. Abuse, addiction, poor boundaries and/or poor communication. This means that for 70% of adults from first world countries, feelings of being flawed, guilty, rejected, weird and alone are common. It means that 70% of everyone are in danger of feeling that they don’t have a tribe. We can change that. We can change it by being together, having fun together, talking openly about how we feel together, standing shoulder to shoulder in difficult times and growing together as humans. Humans have an existential loneliness because we are apart from source, but the feeling of being lonely in a world with billions of people is not necessary. Finding your tribe Lakeside will help you let go of fear and doubt that you are worthy of companionship, laughter and kindness. Often when we are together with others, we don’t even have to DO anything, but to give in to the enjoyment of life. Having a tribe – a number of people that we feel safe around, doesn’t mean that they are perfect – or that we are – or that any of us have to be. It simply means that there is someone who is there for you, to listen, to dance, to meditate, to talk. A place where you can heal and grow. Having a tribe kills loneliness over time. It heals trauma. It gives you an opportunity to find your true self and to shine.