The next steps of evolution here on Earth

When you visualize a better world, the New Earth or Heaven in 5D, what do you see? Most people imagine that the ideal situation would be to return to simpler values, more centered on nature and human solidarity.

Some people, convinced that the current system will soon crumble, are already considering putting aside food supplies, learning to grow their own food, creating other modes of communication and/or alternative transportation. Although these intentions to “maintain life at all costs” are very noble, unconsciously they continue to keep us under the illusion that the solutions exist only “outside” of us, and that we are totally dependent on “materialistic resources” (in 3D), that can disappear or be taken away from us at any time.

What if, on the contrary, all that is currently happening in the world only exist to give us the opportunity to go back “inside” ourselves, in order to bring out our eternal and unlimited potential?

For example, imagine that instead of using “short wave” devices and walkie-talkies to replace the internet and cellular grids, we could simply learn to communicate telepathically with each other?

That instead of building a vegetable garden in our backyard, we rediscover the benefits and virtues of wild plants and edible flowers already abundant everywhere in nature?

Better still, that we open ourselves to the idea of nourishing our body “differently” by reconnecting with the Essence of Life itself, in order to feed our cells on an energetic level… so that we would only need a little bit of water and Light to keep our bodies in excellent physical, emotional and intellectual shape?

Ditto for our health problems: what if, instead of running to the doctor each time a discomfort arises, we allowed ourselves to take a little break, close our eyes and feel what is really happening at a deeper level, and even ask our body what message he’s trying to send us… so it could allow us to make a new choice that would give him back all the vitality he deserves?

Since a part of us has created this “disease/dis-ease”, can’t we just as well awaken our own potential for self-healing, by refocusing our attention on our personal needs…  and therefore choose to welcome the Universal Energy which can reharmonize our body as well as our soul and spirit?

Likewise, we know that wild animals do not need to “earn a living” to ensure their survival. They always find something to eat and a place to sleep. And they surround themselves with a “community” so that they can warm each other up when it’s cold and protect themselves from unknown dangers. Could it be that, by learning how to communicate with animals, we could also connect with them on other levels… so that they could help us reawaken our dormant survival instincts, but also reconnect to our pure intuition and our premonitory faculties?

What if there was a universal “translator” within us that would allow us to communicate from soul to soul, to decode the language of plants, animals, all humans, our own body, and life events? That this is simply an inner talent that can be developed as easily as learning to read and write?

Is it completely crazy to think that we have, deep within ourselves, all the resources and all the solutions to not only get through the difficulties of everyday life, but even more, to reach the next stage in our evolution: the emergence of our full DIVINE CO-CREATOR potential?

Ultimately, are all the choices and decisions we make based on fear (of losing, missing out, dying, etc.) or on our growth and fulfillment, both individually and collectively?

What if it could it be easy to learn how to “read souls”, to vibrate in communion with all that lives and to materialize peaceful and harmonious living conditions, no matter what is happening elsewhere in the world, just by taking the time to train ourselves, helping each other, by teaching and sharing what we know, and collectively harmonize our energies on a daily basis?

Imagine if we managed to bring together even a hundred people who choose to do everything possible to flourish from the “inside”, to free ourselves from existential fears linked to our survival and, finally, to access the faculties of intrinsic transformation of life as we know it here on Earth… what a beautiful inspiring model we would offer to all humanity, and what a fabulous opening we would create to the higher planes: the dawning of this Paradise in 5D we all aspire to live in.

It’s already there, inside of us. And what if we only need to say yes, for real?

Diane LeBlanc/Bianca Gaia