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What if, to have a fulfilling love life, the important thing was to retrieve the harmony in you, by making sure to rebalance the Feminine and Masculine Energies within yourself as well as the different dimensions at work in your life (physical, emotional, mental and energetical)? Rediscover the couple’s sacred meaning by learning to fully acknowledge and love yourself!

During the weekend, you will:

Discover the 5 languages of love in relation with the needs of our own Soul Family
* Free yourself of those wounds that prevent you from laying in the Energy of Love inside of you
* Resolve the active and/or unconscious conflicts that undermine our interpersonal relationships
* Become aware that we deserve to find the proper balance between giving and receiving
* Integrate many “simple, easy, joyful and helpful” tools to revive the Love Flame and welcome Magic in your life

You are welcome, no matter if you are a SINGLE or IN COUPLE: this workshop is intended to everyone aspiring to build or maintain sane, fulfilling relationships at all levels – interpersonal as well as sexual and spiritual.

Just before Valentine’s Day, February 10th &11th, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Hosted by Diane LeBlanc & Serge Belair
Trainers and personal coaches, cocreators of the “Quintessence” coaching method,
Diane & Serge have been forming a very united couple and evolving together for 35 years.

Early bird special (before Feb 1st) : 1500$ p.p. – 2500$ per couple
Regular price (after Feb 1st) : 2000$ p.p. – 3500$ per couple

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